Peer Reviewed Publications

A Fortune from Misfortune: Evidence from Hog Firms’ Stock Price Responses to China’s African Swine Fever. With Tao Xiong and Wendong Zhang. Food Policy. 105: 102152, 2021. (Ungated)

Long-Run Impacts of Trade Shocks and Export Competitiveness: Evidence from the U.S. BSE Event. With John. M. Crespi, William F. Hahn, Lee L. Schulz, and Fawzi A. Taha. Agricultural Economics. 51(6): 941-958, 2020. (Ungated)

Working Papers

Size-Based Regulations and Environmental Quality: Evidence from the U.S. Livestock Industry. With Gabriel E. Lade, John M. Crespi, and David A. Keiser. (Submitted) (Working paper) (Abstract)

Selected Works in Progress

Improving Benefits of the Conservation Reserve Program for Biodiversity. With Alison Johnston, Catherine Kling, Amanda Rodewald, and Ivan Rudik. (Abstract)

Property Value, Homeowner Wealth and Sorting Effects from Locally Undesirable Land Uses. With Yongjie Ji and Tracy Turner.

The Clean Water Act and CAFOs: Effects of Regulatory Avoidance on Productivity. With John M. Crespi.